“Thoroughly conscious ignorance is the prelude to every real advance in science.”

- James Clerk Maxwell

About Me

Erik Hagenaars

Master Student Electrical Engineering at the University of Delft. Specializing in Signal Processing techniques with interests in programming, web development, prototyping boards and more.

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My Features

My expertise expand from Electrical Engineering subjects to Programming to basic technological fields.

Signal Processing

Signal Processing is used in many applications. Big topics of Signal Processing are detection of certain phenomenoms or signals, classifications for certain inputs, control designs, media processing and more. Every system has some sort of signal processing.

Web Development

With my experience in web development and web hosting, I am able to design and host websites or portals. My experiences extend on HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, Apache and the common frameworks as CodeIgniter, Laravel and WordPress.


During a Minor in Programming Application and Design I received extensive knowledge about common programming. I am able to translate or create code which is organised and efficient. Having experience in Java, C++, C, C#, Python and MATLAB.

Development Boards

Development boards like Arduino, FPGA and other microchips are commonly known in my expertise. Debugging and finding problems are well known. I have experience in teaching Arduino design on a basic and experienced level.

Recently Finished Project

Microphone Speech Enhancement

Digital Audio and Speech Processing

The use of microphones and audio devices are becoming more relevant every year. Speech audio is used to communicate between humans and recently often to communicate with devices as well. Hearing loss and noisy spaces are an increasing problem which makes it harder to communicate. It is therefor important to come up with techniques to enhance the desired speech signal from a noisy environment. This comes with many challenges including correlating noises, dynamic noise energies and interference noise. This report discusses the work done on the mini-project for the course “IN4182 – Digital Audio and Speech Processing” in which a single microphone speech enhancement system is designed.

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Recently Finished Project

Fire Detection: Distributed Network

Recently I have finished designing a distributed network for detecting fires. The goal was to use decentralized algorithms to calculate the average temperature of all the sensors and to detect a fire.

Fire Detection

Fire detection is becoming more important and is often a requirement for many industrial plants. A good fire detection system can reduce the damage costs quite significantly. For big plants, this means a lot of sensors which can become expensive when they all require a long communication channel.

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Distributed Networks

A centralized network not efficient for big plants. A decentralized network does not need a centralized hub or long communication channels. This reduces the amount of power for transmitting the information. Another advantage of using a decentralaized network is the decrease of the computational power since this is spread over all of the sensors instead of a single device.


With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

Bachelor Thesis

Thesis report for the Bachelor Electrical Engineering.

Statistical Digital Signal Processing Essay

Essay concerning an assignment on a indoor localization algorithm.

Near-Field Beamforming Literature Study

A State-of-the-art Analysis on Near-Field Beamforming using microphone arrays.

Support Vector Machine

Essay concerning an assignment on a SVM using convev optimization algorithms.

Channel Capacity Research

Research of the Channel  Capacity of a Binary Symmetric Channel with multiple variables.

Fire Detection System

Research on mutliple (a)synchronous averaging algorithms and a evaluation of a proposed Fire Detection System for a square mesh network.

Speech Enhancement

Research on multiple different implementations of a Single and Multiple Micrphone System.

Chase Decoding Principle

A Demo made to visualise the effectiveness of the Chase Decoding Algorithms

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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.